Breakfast is ready!

Breakfast is better than ever before for both locations of Manitowoc and Neenah for the Four Seasons Family Restaurant.

With newer menus offering a larger variety of pancakes, omelets, egg meals customers are loving it giving the larger corporate food chains a run for their money.

For the size portions and customer service the cost for the meals is over the top. The flavor and moistness of the pancakes is something else according to several customer interviews that Ray Victorell interviewed during his meeting at the restaurant with both owners from two different locations.

I personally tried the Veggie Omelet which was absolutely fantastic. The fluffiness of the omelet and the crunch to the vegetables really did it for me. Often when going to a restaurant it’s almost a given to have no crunch or fluffy eggs is a given. Here it’s different they have their ovens temperature set just right for their scrambled egg recipe to get the fluffiness just so perfect.

I did take note that it’s really about the dedicated staff to make this all happen. The chefs do an amazing job but the flow of ownership to the staff really brings everything together making the feeling of a warm welcome for everyone.

Meeting the brothers from both locations love their employees and it shows when customers start pouring in that when a department is needing help the owners step-in giving a hand and leading by example. Employees love that no-stress environment and owners that take care of them as if they were family because as one owner said it’s because they are family.

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