In the food industry Has been becoming ever more difficult to make a profit during the times of forced shutdown. Safety is our primary focus but the timing couldn’t have been at it’s worse time. However the community has really helped by calling in orders and picking up which kept our staff employed.

We didn’t have an online ordering system in the past and it’s a greater possibility to provide that online ordering capability just in-case another pandemic happens again.

The COVID pandemic has shined a newer perspective on how customers take orders. Years past customer always called in their orders but the newer generation is more online and we live in a world where technology is at the finger-tips of so many people so why not offer other alternatives to grab that customer base.

In addition to always cleaning like what we’ve always done in the past we now offer sanitizer solutions for our staff and customers. We sanitize the salt and pepper and napkin holders after each visit. We do additional things like spray down the seating and tables including under the tables where kids may stick their gum before eating lol…

For hot sauce and ketchup and other condiments are also carefully cared for and sanitized for the safety of the public.

Both owners of the Four Seasons Family Restaurant care about nothing more then the safety and the well being of our patrons and our staff. We need everyone to look over each other and care for one another and here it’s all about family.

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