Rotisserie Chicken

Why is our rotisserie so awesome? Well for starters we do not saturate our chickens with salt giving our customers high sodium content. We are a family restaurant and we serve food that is tastey and yet healthy.

We offer a variety of food to accommodate customers lifestyles like our veggie omelet, fruit bowls, healthy shakes and a variety of salads.

So what does this have to do with our rotisserie chicken? Well in a nutshell we serve the community here in Manitowoc and we want to serve them the best in quality of food but also how the food is prepped and cooked. However, we do offer burgers and fries to reach that customer base.

Like every good restaurant we offer a variety of meals that are healthy and fast food type foods. But on a conscience part we do our best to offer healthy alternatives to great food for well over thirty-years serving the Manitowoc county citizens with food that is prepped and cooked by people that love their job.

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